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Release Date: September 12, 2023

Length: 3:46

Genre: R&B/Hip-Hop

Songwriter(s): Zain Javadd Malik


Yellow Tape

— Song Lyrics

Gangsta Grillz No remedies But life lessons to melodies Sweet science like chemistry Televise this energy Can't describe four letters be The threat of these Don't mean to get too deep But I'm working on better me Got some ends I gotta meet Left 'em in awe Ain't got nothing to offer me That I ain’t seen before Been building up rapport Since before we were poor I've seen a horn now appearing like you open your jaw The black hole I’ve been feeding has just opened the door Left me floating in abyss, I'm a poet 'cause I see things before they exist I'm an icon without sequins, I'm setting the trends Got no pals that are famous I stuck with my friends My day ones with my Nikes on In the right zone Is this flight long Coming back home Runnin' backwards instead of forward Me, I'm feeling grown since I had my daughter Now I had to change my goals And become a father And I learned this on my own This is the life I chose Won’t become my father Run from my genes in jeans I'm getting farther from being mean For the unseen I tell myself that I choose these, don't choose me Constant contact with insanity Since I’ve been born Supremacy flawed 'cause you're my enemy I'm too close for comfort Like Holyfield Belfort They’re all fightin' for an Oscar Something wrong with your brain, man Think you need a doctor See-through you like an actor I hear fakeness in your laughter Fuck skipping a page, Imma skip your whole chapter Ain't a day that I've aged While I'm spotting the frauds Unreal like fuck Luck concealed, improved more Strength in my own core 'Til I feel like eyeing up the beanstalk We're gonna kill the giants 'Cause I'm reliant on my talent Not about the items Fuck the queen, she got knight I'm for the violence When you write at majesties All you get is silence Writing letters here in biro I can't wait to get my gyro Cut your bitter foam off the styro I just hit another hood slipping Tyrone Man like Thanos trying to balance on the tightrope Glad we left the cycles I'm just focused on the cyclone I'm a wolf, a were like Lycan The bars and me are writing With no bars I'm free like titans Just the beast, and boy I'm fightin' All my feelings heightened All I see is vital The me recital Don't need revival Don't need an idol I beat the cyclone No bike and I'm still riding the beat smiling We movin' through the shit, can't we? We groovin' through the mist do you believe love? No secret they're not humble Here's a spell of words Dumbledore Mumble more On a short verse Stop the search Cause I found what they're looking for first Clutch you're purse Imma rob you for the thirst I'll have more swagger in a hearse Praying at church Saying it first Staying at work Living a blur Knowing my worth Yeah Imma flirt With the idea Your shit don't fly here Top tier only accepted No disrespect We're just separate sex and dissection Intellectual difference intercept on these Simpsons Felt primitive like the flintstones and monophonic ringtones Like sonic in the blue zone Frankly, I'm going free roam like it's GTA with a time limit Got an ETA Imma kill it like I'm sinning We don't need the praise Raise the prey Still I'm brave to face the fears of shitter days Fuck the puss I played the game I got the bars So fuck the fame Like a hammer when I MC Can't touch the name

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