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Release Date: September 12, 2023

Length: 4:08

Genre: R&B/Hip-Hop

Songwriter(s): Zain Javadd Malik


Yellow Tape

— Song Lyrics

Thief time with a ratpack Samurai gonna Jack that Got the goods on me like a backpack Pioneer hybrid force like an inside Prius Come with a deal like an in-flight meal Can't take my shine 'cause I implied real No replies Say my face ideal Feeling like I'm spaced out an MJ deal Me I got the gem on my own work real Me I'm trynna murk 'til my own fate's sealed Got a big mouth, I'm like Kadoh Green team coming through like K.O Bruce Lee, drop kick 'em to the face Move booky Saving the rupees One time for the Sufis Who bop strings like blue cheese I'm here for the group meet Pass the tree gonna grow like group me Found my own kind of route 'til it suits me Like we live in the movies Nowadays bitches are bougie Ice queen coulda fooled me I scream but it feels like they're roofied No brain gonna freeze on a hill like Fugees [Chorus] I don't need your interest, yeah I don't need your interest, yeah I don't need your interest, yeah On social media [Verse 2] Hercules Still lookin' for the Zeus me Hades tried but he never did phase me Murked this twice so I put in a statement Don't need time but I'm needing the patience Animations Living real life on occasion Gone through space like I'm phasing Is it wrong to assume you're amazing? When you know you belong in a place And stood on stage Heart racing never felt wrong Ain't up for debating Not adjacent 'Cause I'm killing these dickers like I'm Jason Grilling these peeps like I'm Jacko Killer [?] want 'em back home On a plateau Lucked out like lotto Got body to the punch like potto (Hadouken) [?] motto Once a year drop gifts like the grotto Knock on the door and they're not home I put the ball in the putt hole On the green and I'm subtle Mind on a hustle Skin full of kush while they float in a bubble Cousins might have double a dozen Some of 'em young still cute as a button Telling you now man focus on something I did this myself Coming from nothing Putting a foot in the door We can do more If they don't believe it Just leave them ashore Living abroad Loving my broad Internation's still broad In another nation Back 'cause I'm bored And my back getting broad Me I'm on a spaceship 'cause I need space to make the next shift Me I'm on some next shit Built different, linguistics Intrinsic in my being Words glowing like they're neon Scene - in the Matrix on some fake shit I'm just neo Ain't afraid of small print Always looking through the keyhole I won't make this about you No disrespect to Ne-yo What a fucked up generation Got me wrong I see it blatant Ain't another with the cadence Or the pen back home Read between the lines Like you scanned bar codes Ran out all the miles On this martian-less globe I'm just ET On my BT I'm just trying to phone home Off of this planet Wish they could ban it My mission can't man it Doing them damage 'Cause I am outstanding Don't be a G And get battered in manny You ain't a G man You is a fanny You couldn't manage This weight on your shoulders 'Cause I am a savage Leading the trag on It's still in a pattern I'm owning the patent Put this into motion Like rings onto Saturn Standing here batting like Brian Lara Getting lost Like Lara Croft Feeling top heavy Sayonara Saying nada Feeling like Super Zayn 'Cause I'm going harder Let it fade like we in the barber Going Yorkshire like a martyr Paint a pic 'cause I'm still an artist Fuck Kanye beat him farting Call Leo 'cause we departing Like a lion but I put the heart in No case and its free ain't charging Top tier because we set the margin Cue the booze we ain't here to lose Ain't in the box but I got the moves Tuned into the TV Yeah we got the news Yeah, yeah, yeah we got the news You have got to lose What I've got to lose Prescribe me like I'm Dr. Who Imma shock the yutes

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